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Image Credit: Martin Cohen, taken at the future Summit Observatory site

Image Credit: Jim Bailey, taken at Rock Tree Sky/Summit

Rock Tree Sky
Summit Observatory 

Rock Tree Sky recently took donation of an Exploradome deluxe observatory that will extend our existing astronomy outreach and support learner engagement in the wonders of the Universe through the art of astrophotography.

We are working with our friend and mentor, Martin Cohen to set up the observatory under the dark skies of Upper Ojai in the center of our 4 acre field. Martin is assisting us in furnishing the observatory with a high quality refractor
, mount, and camera. A professional photographer with many years of astrophotography experience, Martin's enthusiasm for our project is a blessing. You can view his astrophotography catalog here.

Our director, Jim Bailey, is an amateur astronomer with over 20 years of educational outreach experience. He currently runs a 10" Skywatcher Dob, a classic Celestron orange tube SCT, and a Unistellar eVscope. 

consider donating your under-utilized quality mount or astrograph to our student led educational program. Or consider a donation to offset the estimated $3K installation cost.

You can contact the Director, Jim Bailey, at or Martin Cohen, our astronomy mentor, at 


Lunt Ha 60 DS and Stellarvue mount

Anticipated build of our Exploradome courtesy of Steve LePage

Rock Tree Sky is a 501c3 educational nonprofit.

If you would like to donate cash or equipment to the Rock Tree Sky Summit Observatory, we will provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt.We can accept donations in the form of check, cash, PayPal, or Venmo. 

Please contact us or donate via PayPal (Friends and Family) at the button below. 

Every donation directly benefits meaningful astronomy education. 


With love from Rock Tree Sky 

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