Ashendel-Grossmeier Family

Midwest to Bay Area to Ojai transplants here! We moved last year so Rowan (8.5) and Terran (4) could attend RTS, only to find ourselves back to our isolated homeschooling ways after a few months, although this time in the comfort of our very own home. We enjoy our fumbling attempts to make more of our fixer-upper and its large barren lot, but we'd also love some friends to share it with. We adults tend to be social introverts who appreciate most humans but lean against the grain, whereas the kids are more extroverted and ready to embrace the best of modern day kid culture. Pokemon, Minecraft, Lego, skateparks, pizza...we mostly let them have their childhood but we do try to rein in the screen time (most days) and enforce a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables (most days).

Rowan is particularly energetic and intense and is currently really into scootering, boogie boarding, and constructing tree houses with Raspberry Pi security. He has an engineering mind but will never turn down the opportunity to be read yet another story, or to go for a bike ride, or to sit down to a board game. Terran is wired the other way and will turn any board game into imaginative play (much to his brother's disdain). His favorite color is purple (although he likes all the colors except white, black, and green, all of which he hates), and he's pretty much happy if he's next to mom with a pretend car or animal in hand, although he can be convinced to go to the beach or river with Daddy if there's food in it for him. He's not much for learning his letters or numbers, but he lights up at the chance to play his "talking learning games" with all their wizards and monsters, and his Minecraft play is a sight to behold. Cautious by nature, Minecraft is his way of getting the thrills that Rowan demands a Six Flags membership to meet. They are profoundly different kids, but both love to wrestle and jump on the trampoline together, and given the opportunity, they'll spend hours constructing habitats for their "pets."

By comparison, we adults are, firstly, old, and secondly, boring. We endure Six Flags but would love to bring along another 48-inch-plus-er if you happen to have one to provide. When not busy orchestrating projects and field trips, Greg works for the organization behind Wikipedia, long ago recognizing that it was about the only employer that conformed to his ideals around open software and nonprofits. Those are also the ideals on which our marriage was founded, although somehow in the partnership, that shared thinking has led Carrie to not work at all. A meagerly aspiring but fairly miserable homeschooling homesteader, she still dreams of someday using her backgrounds in climate change science, regional planning, information science, and philanthropy to help save the world.

Connecting with other families to strategize solutions to our global ills or to pontificate about the transition out of late-stage capitalism is certainly on our priority list, but we're also thoroughly down for sharing curriculum experiences or chatting nutritional and developmental approaches for helping our toxic children, particularly with regards to kids with dyslexia or ADHD. Anywhere with sand, rocks, or water works for us, and we also love home-based playdates and playgrounds, but we're homebodies who find getting into the car oddly difficult, so our neighborhood has typically been our world, having gotten used to kids running in and out before our move. We invite anyone (kid or adult) to stop over anytime (215 N. Fulton), with the warning that we're normally orderly people who can't keep up, so embracing the chaos is co-requisite with that invitation. Also, if you're interested in carpooling or joining forces to try to reclaim our bodies via ten minute runs followed by 90 minutes of abs and stretching, you know where to find us.

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