Gajewar-Quinn Family

Greetings! We are the Gajewar/Quinn family and live in Oak View. Zoe (Arvan's mom) is from Ojai whereas Amol (Arvan's father) is from India. Arvan is six and has a sister who will be two in November. We have taken on various house projects, primarily outdoor ones, since "shelter in place." We have added three new garden beds and made our backyard much more liveable and manageable. Having an enticing outdoor space is important to us and we take pains to lure the kids out as much as possible!

As a family, we enjoy going to Arvan's grandpa's house to swim and hang out. Arvan is fond of practically all physical activities, though he also likes to observe nature. Seeing new veggies start to grow in the garden is thrilling and finding critters around the plants is equally exciting to him. Arvan and Zoe are particularly interested in identifying plants and their uses. Arvan enjoys riding his bike, skateboard, find bugs and draw silly pictures.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a close relationship with our neighbors. Arvan is good friends with Franki (4 years old) and they play on a daily basis. We are additionally fortunate to have more family who just moved back to Ojai this summer, so now Arvan has his favorite cousin, Ogden (7 y/o) living in Ojai! Our lives have become pretty insular and who we see is very selective but we are fortunate to have some lovely people so close to us.

Presently I think our carpooling needs will be met but once the pre-pandemic life fully resumes, we may be looking for carpooling opportunities then.

Connection to our greater community tends to be sporadic and rarely virtual. Amol works full time and doesn't have much spare time to lend. Zoe works part-time but is also studying to be a midwife which she dedicates almost all her free time to! With that said, we LOVE having others over and probably connect best to our communities by inviting them into our home :)

Gajewar-Quinn Family