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Rock Tree Sky is transformative for many learners. Facilitators from other learning communities, learning space innovators, parent powered startups, and learner-centered spaces are contacting us to get support, consulting and coaching. We are committed to supporting more learning communities sprout and grow. We generously support other startups because we want to see a world where every young person has access to learning communities that support their diverse needs. If you have questions or would like to set up some coaching please reach out to our Director, Jim Bailey: 


Starter Kit

Our learning community has developed a groundbreaking partnership with an accredited independent study program of our local school district. This synergy between our program and the district provides financial accessibility for families to access our program while preserving autonomy. This innovative partnership unlocks a myriad of benefits for all stakeholders involved providing flexibility to explore new educational horizons. We have developed a starter kit and are giving it away to help other learning communities and school districts learn how to build similar innovative partnerships to play a part in redefining the education landscape.

A Generous grant from the VELA Education Found supported the development of this starter kit.

“Taking our staff to Rock Tree Sky and seeing it in action has been priceless because it is hard to fully convey the potential and possibilities of a program like this until you walk around the space and see it actually happening. Jim and his staff have been so helpful and open to answering our many questions as we have walked around their learning space in awe!”

Consulting Testimonies

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