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At Rock Tree Sky, it is less about what we do and more about how we are. 

The following is a list of core beliefs and values that make up the foundation of our community. 

We've also included links to a collection of networks, podcasts, and books that we seek inspiration, guidance, education, tools, and support from.


At Rock Tree Sky we agree to take care of ourselves, take care of others, and take care of the space. 

We maintain that social and emotional development and the well-being of our community is our top priority. 

We trust children. 

We believe Black Lives Matter. 

​We commit to equitable treatment of Black people, non-Black Indigenous people, and People of Color and commit to moving towards the elimination of racial discrimination in all its forms. 

We commit to equitable treatment of GLBTQ+ individuals and commit to moving towards the elimination of sexual and gendered discrimination in all its forms. 

We commit to being a community in which all community members feel safe in their self-expression. 

We do not tolerate hate speech.

We recognize that humans are naturally curious, intelligent creatures and respect children’s ability to construct knowledge from the world around them.

We practice consent. We respect personal boundaries. 

We value honesty, authenticity, and transparency. 

We practice compassionate listening and communication and use conflict resolution and restorative justice tools to help us do this. 

We strive to use non-judgmental, non-evaluative language. 

We uphold a community structure of power-with instead of power-over others.

We value economic justice. 

We value vulnerability. 

We value responsibility and accountability. 

We adopt regenerative environmental practices and strive towards environmental sustainability. 

We value equity. 
Some ways in which Rock Tree Sky upholds these values include the following...
We conduct staff development to increase our cultural competence and raise our awareness of the diverse needs of the community we serve.

Our staff is cooperatively structured. All full-time mentors earn the same annual salary of $55,000. We strive towards making responsibilities equitably delegated. 

​In our community children's voices matter and they are heard. Everyone is welcome to propose a change in our community and decisions are made democratically. 
We practice non-violent communication and conflict resolution with ourselves and model these practices for our learners. Please follow the link to view our conflict resolution procedure infographic


​We seek guidance, education, tools, and support from an array of resources including, but not limited to, the following: 



Education Reimagined 

Alliance for Self-Directed Education

Agile Learning Centers


Raising Free People & Fare of the Free Child


How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk 

The Yes Brain

White Fragility
​Me and White Supremacy 
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