Enrollment & Tuition

Time, Location, Cost 


Rock Tree Sky is a child-centered learning environment that supports independent study and self-direction. We serve homeschooling and unschooling families and understand that families have different plans with regards to structuring a schedule that works.

  • RTS offers programing option Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm.                                                                                                               Within that structure learners may sign up for one, two, or three days per week. Please note, most charter schools limit attendance at Rock Tree Sky to two days. If you are enrolled with a charter school, please refer to your charter school for any restrictions on days of attendance. 

  • Your child's schedule is set upon enrollment. We strongly request that families stick with that schedule (no swapping days!*). This is to support the learners in creating a culture and developing a community bond with their peers that regularly attend RTS together.  (*You will be charged a small fee if a change in scheduling does need to be made). 

  • ​Learners are dropped-off at the Rock Tree Sky at 9:00am and picked up at 3:00pm.                                             There are structured ways for parents to volunteer if they would like a more participatory role in the community.​​


We are based in Upper Ojai at Summit Elementary School at 12525 Ojai Santa Paula Rd. We also take regular excursions to local farms, and the Los Padres National Forest.


Rock Tree Sky is committed to being an economically diverse community. We work with families of all financial backgrounds and offer assistance to make RTS widely accessible. We have never turned a family away due to lack of funds. Public School Partnerships* also offer financial assistance to families. Please click here to view our 2021/2022 fee schedule.

Please note Rock Tree Sky has slightly increased our fees for the upcoming 2022/2023 year.

To view the updated fee schedule click here.

*Please contact your specific public/charter school for limitations regarding days of attendance. 

Enrollment Process

Before officially enrolling at RTS, we request that those interested follow these steps to ensure that we are the right fit for you and your family:

Step 1: Research
Please take the time to review our FAQ page, our Values page, read some Monthly Messengers for a glimpse at a day in the life at RTS, and check out our Further Reading selections for insights into the philosophies and research that inspire the work that we do. 

Step 2: Tour
If you like what you're learning and you're curious to know more, please follow this link to reserve a spot in one of our monthly tours. Tours are strongly encouraged for all who are considering enrollment. 
Tours are lead by core staff-member and director, Jim Bailey. Jim will show you around campus and answer any questions that come up. Tours are designed primarily for parents, however children and youth are welcome to join as well.

Step 3: Interest Survey 
If after the tour your family feels like RTS may be a good fit, please request an interest survey from our Admissions Coordinator, emailing admissions@rocktreesky.org. 

*Please be aware that we do cap our enrollment. Therefore it is possible that after completing the interest survey your child may be added to our waitlist. Rock Tree Sky does a periodic weighted lottery for new enrollment based upon the number of children on our waitlist and our enrollment availability. 

Step 4: Trial Day 
Once the interest survey has been submitted your child(ren) will be added to our waitlist. Please be aware that Rock Tree Sky does operate a rolling enrollment. From our waitlist your child(ren) may be eligible for a trial day per our enrollment availability. You will be notified when we are open for enrollment and actively scheduling trial days. 

The trial day is an opportunity for your child(ren) to experience first-hand what a day at Rock Tree Sky is like. It is also an opportunity for mentors to observe and learn more about your kiddo.

Please review our Parent Handbook prior to your child's trial day. 

Within 48 hours after the trial day you will be contacted by a mentor to review the day, further discuss the details of the program, and determine if enrollment is the right plan for you.

Step 5: Sign and Return Enrollment Agreement
If space is available and we are in agreement to move forward, you will be sent an Enrollment Agreement which you will be requested to review, sign and return to our Admission Coordinator along with your deposit. Enrollment agreements can be returned via email (admissions@rocktreesky.org) or can be delivered to our office on you child's first day at RTS. 

Enrollment Partnerships

Rock Tree Sky is excited to partner with public and charter schools. 
This can enrich you child's educational experience and assist in funding attendance at Rock Tree Sky.   

How it Works

Rock Tree Sky is an approved vendor for several public and or charter schools including Summit School, and Compass Charter Schools. Families enrolled with Summit School are provided access to Rock Tree Sky as a part of their enrichment and enrollment. In the case of charter schools, families are provided enrichment funds and these can be used to offset the cost associated with attendance at Rock Tree Sky. Please ​contact us for more information.  

*Please contact your specific charter school for limitations with regards to attendance at Rock Tree Sky.