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Rock Tree Sky is...


The mission of Rock Tree Sky is to cultivate an inclusive learning community where everyone develops their whole self through directing their learning in relationship with others. 
Rock Tree Sky logo, greenish circle with diamond rock bottom left, a tree with three arrows in the middle, an arrow to top right of tree pointing to the sky.

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About Rock Tree Sky

Rock Tree Sky was founded in 2016 by parents, loving partners, and professional educators Natasha Efross and Jim Bailey. RTS started as a homeschool support and enrichment group in a 600 sq ft commercial makerspace and the nearby backyard of the couple's Upper Ojai homestead. It has grown to serve over 200 learners per week on the campus of the former Summit Elementary School. Rock Tree Sky truly is an embodied example of the evolution of learner-centered education.


Over the past seven years our community has grown to serve pre-K through 12th grade. While becoming increasingly diverse in it's offerings, Rock Tree Sky has stayed true to the foundational truths that we are all born curious, capable, and deserving of the freedom to pursue our unique, creative human potential.


The work at the heart of RTS is to hold space for interest-driven, relationship-rich, non-classroom based learning. We support young people with the time, tools, freedom, and space to explore their innate curiosities, and grow their confidence in their personal agency. They are also free to develop healthy, loving relationships with peers and adult mentors in a community that celebrates all learning, without constant evaluation.

Interested in learning more? We welcome and encourage visitors to join us for one of our monthly tours where you can learn more about Rock Tree Sky's mission and philosophy, and be a witness to the day-to-day expression of how learner-centered education works. 

Watch This Video To See What RTS is... 

Image of learner smiling and holding onto a pink aerial silk. Link to RTS values page.

Read our list of core beliefs and values that make up the foundation of our community. 

Image of two teen learners with pink hair smiling and working with straw and buckets for a project. Link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Have questions? Read our detailed responses to many of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. 

Image of mentor sitting with learners in a circle holding seed in hand and a dish with plants on it at the middle to the circle. Link to learning more about our people who work at RTS.

Meet our dedicated team members by clicking here.

Image of youngest learners in a circle with two mentors reading a book with a few parents with the children surrounded by our back gardens. Title over it "What Parents Are Saying" Banner of quotes laying over the image that change when are arrows clicked
“It’s challenging for me to adequately express the gratitude I feel that my son has a place like
RTS. A place that’s safe. A place where his uniqueness is accepted and celebrated. A place he looks forward to going each morning.”

What Parents Are Saying

Take a glimpse at Rock Tree Sky in action...

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