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Family Resources

While children remain our focus, we also recognize a responsibility to support the whole family through the process of deschooling and reimagining education within our community. We celebrate family engagement and create opportunities for connection and collaboration throughout the year. 

Bellow is a list of resources aimed to support our existing families.

The Family Portal, is for existing families to access the family directory, carpool map, and schedule change/withdraw form. 

Before attending RTS, we ask that all family members please review our Family Handbook.

The RTS Calendar is our schedule of special dates and events. It is at the bottom of our home page.

You can see our Daily Offerings here.

Our further reading list  contains selected books, articles, and podcasts that have informed and inspired much of the RTS philosophy.

Check out the RTS SoundCloud to listen in on what our learners have been producing in our in-house recording studio. 

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