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Rock Tree Sky  


Pebbles is a non-separation program for children 2-4 years old. 


9-12 Monday- Friday

Families choose their schedule and can sign up for programs ranging from 1-4 days per week. 


Families are charged $30 per day. Payments for the month are due on the first of the month.


To Enroll for this program please contact to request an interest survey. 

More about Pebbles

Children and parents begin each morning in the wonders of the garden with mentors who provide an age-appropriate context for child-led exploration. 

Children build lasting relationships with nature, food, and each other. 

Each day Pebbles will engage with the land, care for our farm animals, storytelling, and nature discovery. We utilize all 5 senses while exploring the children’s garden, local farms, trails, and water ways, all within walking distance of the campus.

Building on our value of intergenerational learning, children get to play and connect with people of all ages, through interaction with the larger Rock Tree Sky program.   

Pebbles is a non-separation program, but as relationships with mentors grow there are opportunities for parents to step-away for self-care or work in our parent co-working space. Children have the opportunity to connect with other adults, building the sense of extended family and tribe.