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Hello RTS Families, 


Some may argue that New Year's Day is just another day.

But the excitable optimist will counter argue; stating that no day above ground is ordinary. 

I delight in the tradition of collectively celebrating the beginning of a new year. I see this as an opportunity both to commemorate what we've experienced and to then use what we've learned to set intentions for the months ahead. 

Entering this new decade we find ourselves here, on a great precipice of infinite and unknown possibilities. ​And I think that one of the many challenges of being conscious humans is that we are constantly dancing between the tendency to have expectations for what is to come while living with the humility that we do not get to choose the outcomes. 

So as we step into 2020 I will invite each of us to set intentions for how we want to be this year and trust that whatever comes up will bring with it opportunity for learning and expansion...

In this messenger you will find calendar items for January, reflections and photographs from December, and a link to an episode of the On Being Podcast that will serve as a jumping off point to the upcoming parent group discussion.    

As always,

Be Well and Stay Curious

​With love from the RTS Staff

Looking Towards January

Saturday January 11th:10am-12pm Parent Discussion Group hosted by Chrissy

During this discussion group we will listen to an excerpt from an episode of the On Being Podcast featuring the voices of Abraham Verghese and Denise Pope.How Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

​We will use this conversation as a jumping-off point for a dialogue exploring  definitions of success. We will also wonder together about Self-Directed Learning communities and social change. 

Wednesday January 15th:9:30am-10:30am Parent Discussion Group with Carol Castanon

Monday January 20th:RTS closed for MLK Day

Wednesday January 29th:12pm Dismissal, Staff In-Service 

Reflections on December: 

December was a joy filled month at RTS. 

For starters twelve baby goats were born throughout the first week of December. All month learners enjoy the special opportunity to head up to the Little Farm to pet, and hold the goat babies. In fact, one kid, rejected by it's mama, took up daily residency on the RTS campus and was able to romp around and be cared for by Rock Tree Sky kiddos throughout it's first weeks of life. 

Another sweet occurrence that happened this month was that a great quantity of honey was available to be harvested from our beehive. With Jim's guidance learners were able to get suited up and learn the mindful process of collecting honey comb. 

Many learners busied themselves this month with making holiday gifts for loved ones as well as preparing for the Winter Exposition. At times the art room felt like a workshop with children scrambling around putting finishing touches on the holiday village and sewing scrunchies to sell at the Winter Expo. Several learners devoted time to practicing musical performances. Others focused on creating pieces to be displayed in a gallery style. 

Coming together as a community for the Winter Exposition is a tradition that generate love in the Rock Tree Sky family. For those who attended it was an evening of celebrating not only what our children have learned and created and the ways that they've grown, but celebrating that we all get to partake in this creative growth in support of each other. For that we are grateful and looking forward to what 2020 has in store for Rock Tree Sky. 


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