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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hello Rock Tree Sky Families, 

Happy Summer Vacation!

The solstice is upon us which means we are officially in summertime. 

We are hoping that you are welcoming this break from RTS as a time for relaxation, resetting, and reflection. 

And in the spirit of reflection I would like to use this abbreviated Monthly Messenger as a platform to share some year-end reflections from our learners. You will also find a brief video full of highlights from this year together, and, as per usual, a slide-show of photographs from the month of June. 

We would also like to use this space to express our gratitude to each and everyone of you. Your involvement in supporting each other and supporting the well-being of this community is not something that we take for granted. We genuinely appreciate the ways that you as parents, friends, and family members show up for community building events, for helping each other out with  car-pooling, for sharing your enthusiasm for Rock Tree Sky with the greater community, and everything else in between. Mostly we thank you for trusting us to be a part of the experience of rearing your wonderful children. We have felt so inspired and humbled by witnessing their growth this year. 

During the May Monthly Messenger the notion of evolution was explored as a way to define this transition from the 2017/2018 year to the next. We do not consider this an ending as much as a time for breaking away from routine to gather energy so that when we come back together we can do so with fresh excitement for learning and deepening community. 

With that we will say see you soon. 

Stay tuned for information and updates regarding summer camp offerings and the like. 

And as always, Be Well and Stay Curious, 

With love from the RTS Staff

The following are reflections from the learners when asked to share a favorite memory, project creation, or moment of learning from this RTS year. 

Viola: "Meeting all my friends and learning to play the ukulele."

Memphis: "My first solder project- an electronic bug that scoots along."

Walker: "Farm! It's fun, there's lizards and stuff..."

Leon: "Everything! Playing with Elan and Walker, catching lizards...pretty much everything."

Elan: "I have silly thoughts sometimes. Like when I'm just sitting by myself sometimes I think about jokes I have with Walker and I just start laughing." 

Vida: "Wilber! That's my baby goat. I got a baby goat this year and just getting to learn more about the goats this year [was my favorite part]. Also the Water Project because I got to learn more about really making a difference in this world. For next year I'm excited to be with my friends and do farm chores and just see what next year is gonna be like. And hopefully getting a water refill station at the park."

Andre: "Making things for my mom and dad. Doing pottery and building with Tara." 

Mina: "Well... I did something silly today...I slid off the bench when I didn't mean to but then I said that 'I meant to do that'."  

Joey: "Making the indigo tie-dye." 

Aaron: "Hanging out with Kim and Chrissy."

Sequoia: "I did lots of painting and stuff this year. That was pretty cool."

Luci: "Being able to create unique pieces of work with a mix of materials." 

Julian: "Building the cardboard pinball game."

Amaya: "Being with Rennix. My favorite thing I made was my hat." 

Conner: "Cooking, blacksmithing, making a knife, and just spending time with friends. Next year I'm looking forward to working hard and having fun."

Theo: "Everything! Next year is gonna be fun." 

Eero: "All of it. Looking forward to moving on with it." 


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